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We recently built a new home and wanted to make sure that we had good air quality. After testing, we were shocked to learn that our radon level was 600 Bq/m3, which is well above Health Canada’s Action Level of 200 Bq/m3.

We contacted Advanced Radon Technology and the next day, Geoff Petite, the owner, was at our house and did further testing to confirm that the radon levels were in fact that high. We were very impressed with his professionalism and how quickly and efficiently he worked to mitigate the radon. After Geoff installed the system, we were delighted to find that radon levels had decreased to 27 Bq/m3.

We would highly recommend, Advanced Radon Technology, for testing and mitigation in your home. Their expertise provided us with a lot of information about radon, putting our mind at ease so that we can fully enjoy our new home.

Ron and Dena MacDonald

We had a very high radon level in our newer house. It was a nightmare. Very stressful to know. Geoff took care of it in no time. Very fast, professional and high quality service. These guys work very neatly, they are so knowledgeable. It was a pleasure to deal with Geoff and his team.


I appreciate Geoff for his professional advice and for letting us know the radon level in our house is low after the test. His flexible schedule and candour is worth mentioning.


I had borrowed a radon detector from the Library and was shocked to see the high radon levels in my house. What made it worse is I was getting ready to sell my house. I called Geoff and he was able to install the radon mitigation system within a couple of days. My levels went from around 450 to 12. Highly recommend Advanced Radon Technology!!

Dion Phillips

Geoff was very responsive and available. When he said he would arrive at certain times, he always called/txt to confirm. Elegant install and professionally executed. Even went beyond the immediate issue and secured a digital controller for our HRV to better manage internal home environment.
HIghly recommended ( I have done so)

Martin. McNeil

I am very happy with Geoff’s service. Although my initial measurements came in below the actionable level, they were still way too high for my personal comfort (especially knowing that my kids spend many hours playing in the basement). Geoff was very appreciative and understanding of my concerns when I hired him to do the mitigation. He showed up on time, fully engaged, and did an excellent job. My measurements are now below outdoor levels. I cannot recommend him more.


In late 2017, after 11 months of testing for radon in my >100-year-old home, I received results that indicated levels more than twice the recommended maximum of 200 Bq/sq.meter. Geoff Petite was the nearest consultant, and I hired him to begin the work in January 2018. Even before he presented me with a contract, he very clearly explained how he would monitor basement air quality initially, then continuously as he undertook the work, and how he would move from the simplest to the most complicated solution, since we were dealing with a stone foundation and an unknown soil composition beneath the concrete basement floor.

As soon as preliminary work indicated that a complex solution was required, we agreed to terminate the original contract, pay for the labour involved, and settle on a new contract. His continuous monitoring equipment verified that the wintertime levels were very high. I could watch not only the daily fluctuations, but also the satisfying decline after the continuous air exchange system was installed and then adjusted to offer the best balance for energy efficiency. I purchased my own continuous monitor (smaller than a portable phone), which I keep in my main-level bedroom, and check it only occasionally to take a look at the 1-day, 7-day, and Long Term readings.

I have just received the results of another 11-month monitoring period, done during the months equivalent to my original monitoring period, and more than six months after the air exchanger had been operating steadily. While the results are still higher than I might have hoped, they are below the recommended maximum and significantly improved from the original reading.
I commend Geoff for his knowledge, his professional manner, and his willingness to seek the answer and/or advice when I asked a question or he encountered a technical problem for which he did not have an answer or the solution. He was always prompt, worked quietly and diligently, informed me beforehand where and why he would be drilling test holes in the floor, cleaned up carefully on a daily basis, and was very careful to keep the “outside snow/dirt” on the doormat as he made trips into and out of my home. Several times following completion of his work, Geoff contacted me to make sure that things were working as expected. He also made at least one visit when I accidentally messed up the control panel for the air exchanger and was not sure that I had followed his phone instructions to reset the system correctly (the instructions packaged with the exchanger are inadequate for the average homeowner).

If you have a radon problem in your home, I highly recommend Geoff as a knowledgeable and well-trained professional to help you find the best solution.

Jean Collins

Our subdivision is known for having high radon level. Had it tested a while ago with results in the 600s. After putting it off for a while, since we didn’t spend much time in the basement, we consulted Geoff. Very nice and easy to deal with and worked his schedule around mine. After finding out we had a unusual basement Geoff was very informative and clear of the possibilities. When he returned we found out the remediation was successful and our levels were 9!! A professional job all around and a great team that I definately recommend.


Geoff helped me out during a very stressful time of life and was so understanding and helpful. It was wonderful to feel like I was dealing with another “real person” who made me feel like he understood the sometimes complicated nature of life.

Andrew Horsford

Purchased a home and was getting ready to do renovations but the first on my list of To Do’s was to have the radon mitigated.
Geoff came in quickly and explained my options for the mitigation process in a way that was easy to understand.
I really enjoyed working with Geoff and would highly recommend him to anyone for help with their radon issues and testing.

Alex Tung

Geoff did a great job with the installation of our radon mitigation system. His work was neat and tidy and found the perfect spot in our basement for the install. Highly recommend Geoff to anyone considering a system.


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