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About Radon Testing


Health Canada recommends that radon testing be done in all homes to determine radon levels. If your test results indicate your radon measurement exceeds Health Canada’s Action Level of 200 Bq/m3, do not be alarmed. We can fix your home. Our goal is to reduce your radon levels below 100 Bq/m3 to let you breathe easy.

Long-term test: Because of variation in radon levels from hour to hour, day to day and seasonally, Health Canada recommends doing long-term radon testing. This 91 day test is preferably done during the home heating months from November to March.

The device we use is an Alpha Track detector, which resembles a small hockey puck and contains a special plastic film in a container. Alpha particles from radon decay enter the chamber and leave “tracks” on the film. The radon kit is placed in the lowest level of the home where someone spends a minimum of 4 hours per day.

Long-term radon tests are $60 (lab fee is included).  When the test is completed, the device is mailed to the lab for analysis to determine the radon concentration.

Post-mitigation test: This test is conducted for 4 days after installation of the radon reduction system. The test will confirm that the mitigation system has successfully reduced levels below 200 Bq/m3.

Four day real estate screening assessment test: Long-term radon tests can be less practical during a real estate transaction due to time constraints. Therefore, a 4 day real estate test is conducted under closed house conditions, which includes keeping windows closed, and minimized use of exhaust fans.

It should be noted that these tests only show potential for radon in the home and are not guaranteed predictors of annual radon concentrations. Health Canada recommends the result of any short-term measurement should be confirmed with a follow up long-term test in the same location.

Short-term test: A radon test with a duration of at least 7 days but less than 91 days.

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